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  • Features


    Largest bed in its class

    With a power sofa and side seats that convert into a sleeping space, you get the best of both worlds in the Interstate Nineteen. Relax or catch up on emails on the sofa during the day, then push a button and the sofa becomes completely flat. The side seats hinge and lie flat as well, so the entire rear of the coach becomes a comfortable bed – and at 66” x 73” it’s the largest bed you’ll find in a Class B RV.


    C-Zone Multiplex Controls for shades, lighting, and more

    You can open or close all of the shades in the Nineteen with one touch on the C-Zone control screen. The same goes for the interior lighting, the power awning outside, and features like the air conditioning, generator power, and more. You can also monitor tank and power levels with easy digital readouts on the C-Zone screen.

    Four-wheel drive, whenever you need it

    An optional on-demand four-wheel drive system from Mercedes-Benz gives you added stability and control. When you press the button, Load-Adaptive Electronic Stability and Electronic Traction systems work together to ensure your Nineteen is prepared for inclement road&nbsp;conditions.


    Sleek exterior color choices

    The Interstate Nineteen’s exterior is designed to impress just as much as the interior does. Its clean lines and elegant angles take center stage in each of the three available color choices.

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