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  • Interstate Lounge EXT

    Starting at $189,500

    The best way to travel

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    The Interstate Lounge EXT Touring Coach is ready to impress the whole group, and take everyone to your next destination in comfort and style. After one trip, you’ll find it’s the only way to roll.

    Best-in-class comes standard

    Airstream and Mercedes-Benz are two brands who never compromise. That’s what makes our partnership so seamless. It’s also why we build more than 50 best-in-class features into every single touring coach – as the standard, not the upgrade. We include every Mercedes-Benz safety and performance feature, and add our own proven convenience, design, and luxury features from 80+ years of RV experience. We know every single choice makes a difference in helping people have a life-changing travel experience. And that will always be our first priority.